Is your smartphone not working? Ask TestM to fix it


TestM is a helpful app wherein it helps you decide whether to buy a new smartphone or fix yours. It works for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a series of comprehensive and extensive checks to diagnose any issues on your smartphone. After the test, it will provide users with a detailed report of the issues found on the smartphone. That way, users will learn about their smartphones issues and fix them.

Saudi technological content creator Abdullah AlSabe recommends it. He tweeted: “TestM is a beneficial app especially if you are thinking to buy a used smartphone. It will check the whole smartphone and shares its issues all in five minutes. Not only that, but it also supports the Arabic language.”

TestM is an app that can be installed for free from the Play Store or the Apple Store. If you are thinking to buy a used smartphone, make sure to ask the owner to share with you a TestM report. That way, you will know about the device and its problems before buying it.

The different aspects of the smartphone that are going to be tested by TestM are the following:

l Touch screen test.

l Sound test of speakers, earpiece, microphone, headphones.

l Motion test of gyroscope and compass.

l Connectivity test of WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and GPS.

l Hardware test of proximity, charger, vibration, buttons, and touch ID.

l Camera test of front camera, back camera, and LED flash.