Find your missing belongings with the world’s smallest global GPS locator


Ping GPS is the world’s smallest and longest-range GPS locator for anything and anyone. It can be used for children, pets, luggage, or any other important items.

What makes it unique than other trackers is that it is not only limited to Bluetooth but it also uses Cellular, and GPS to locate your missing belongings or your loved ones. According to Ping GPS official website, “Ping works instantly with GPS next door or 3000 miles away.”

All that you need to do is to get Ping GPS and then using your smartphone, tap on what you need to find, and Ping is going to locate it immediately. It is a small waterproof GPS that weights 25 grams and can be used by iOS & Android devices.

According to the Washington Post, the idea of creating Ping GPS came to the founder Josh Lippiner when his 6-year-old daughter Emma was playing hide-and-seek and suddenly disappeared for more than a few minutes. That was the moment when Lippiner thought “‘What if there was a very small, super-simple device that can locate anything or anyone quickly and easily, anywhere in the world? And what if I can attach it to Emma’s shoes?’ “.

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