Your favorite homemade food a click away

Longing for your grandmother’s recipe or a dish of Kabli rice?


A need to easily find homemade food online has been addressed by a Saudi startup launching an app called YummCloud.

The free app that rolled out this month seeks to help productive families and small businesses find a platform to sell their homemade goods to their community.

A menu selection in the form of an album presents a variety of food, from breakfast to lunch meals to desserts according to a geolocation service.

A filter helps users find categories such as breakfast, dessert, lunch, drinks, vegetarian, and others.

Each dish has a price tag, ingredients, and the time it takes to be delivered.

In recent years, most productive families turn to social media to sell their cuisine.

“Rummaging through Instagram accounts and looking for the number of followers of each vendor can be a tedious process,” says CEO of YummCloud Fahad Bin Thabit who believes one platform is easier for the consumer.

Communicating with the vendors through WhatsApp or instant messaging can also be inconvenient, he adds.

“Many consumers are pay by cash to vendors,” he says. “We chose to provide a secure online payment system and a delivery service.”

He added, “We want to empower the homemade food trade business by enhancing the homemade food trade and building a society of sharing economy.”

The app also allows users to send food to the poor across the globe. People looking to help can purchase from productive families and send the food to NGOs and charity organizations listed in the app. “It’s a quick and easy way to help refugees and the poor,” Bin Thabit says.

The Saudi app aims to go global by expanding in the coming years.