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Shoura panel approves two-day weekend, extended probation

Last updated: Monday, January 21, 2013 12:39 AM

Saudi Gazette report


RIYADH — The Shoura Council has approved extending the probationary period of Saudi employees from three to six months, a local newspaper reported.

The Administration and Human Resources Committee in the Shoura Council reviewed and studied amendments to the labor law as suggested by the Ministry of Labor.

The decision will allow Saudis ample time to learn and function adequately in their new jobs.

Article 53 of the current labor law states that a Saudi employee is subjected to a 90-day trial period, and it must be clearly stated in the employment contract.

The amendment states that an employee is subjected to a 90-day trial period, but it could be extended to 180 days through a written agreement.

The committee also approved a two-day weekend instead of the current one-day off a week and 40 working hours per week. Muslim workingwomen will be granted 130 days’ leave for bereavement in case of the death of the spouse. This is an increase from the current 15 days, which will continue to apply in the case of non-Muslim workingwomen.

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