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Al Jazeera English wins global award

Last updated: Sunday, June 03, 2012 5:57 PM


AL JAZEERA English is celebrating its third win in the "International Television and Radio" category at the Amnesty International UK Media Awards, this time for "Shouting in the Dark", a powerful documentary detailing the uprising and subsequent crackdown on Bahraini anti-regime protests. The 50-minute special was filmed, written and directed by Al Jazeera journalist May Ying Welsh who spent three months undercover in the country.

Welsh said, "Last year was a year of revolution across the Middle East, with significant media focus on uprisings in Egypt and Libya. Protests in Bahrain risked being forgotten when the government expelled all foreign media. We were determined to not let this happen and we continued to film undercover to show what was happening on the ground. We would like to thank Amnesty International for this recognition and accept it on behalf of everyone whose stories were featured in the film."

Judging took place in March and April 2012. Judges were selected from the media, arts and entertainment industries, NGO sector, academia and the legal profession. Judges included Sean Ryan, foreign editor of the Sunday Times and Flora Hunter, deputy foreign news editor for ITV News. – SGJane Corbin, freelance reporter for BBC Panorama; and Mark Galloway, director of the International Broadcasting Trust.

Al Jazeera English’s director of programs Paul Eedle said: "We commend May for her achievement tonight and are proud to call her a colleague. She is the embodiment of true journalism; striving to reveal the truth and expose injustice in the world despite great risks to her own personal safety." — SG



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