Sunday, 04 October 2015  -  20 Dhul-Hijjah 1436 H
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THE Ministry of Health is like the England football team: a grand history but of limited achievement. Everyone expects a fine showing, but it always succumbs to fatal mistakes.
The Ministry of Labor is like the Japanese team: full of precision plans and studies, but in the end its strength is only apparent against weak opposition, its true stature revealed when it comes up against the great sides.
The Ministry of Finance is like Germany: overly realistic, the German machine pays no heed to current circumstances and doesn’t concern itself with others. It paces itself to perform to the same level in the first minute as it performs in the last.
The Traffic Department is like South Korea: all action with conflicting results, it can claim the scalps of Europe’s finest one minute and fall at the hands of the weakest team in the Arabian Gulf the next. Springing rapid and surprise attacks, its defense is all over the place.
The Ministry of Culture and Information is like the USA team: it can relax in the knowledge that its mere presence at the World Cup is achievement enough, and more so given that its would-be audience is otherwise engaged watching baseball and basketball.
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is like Italy: a solid defense and prepared to rough things up, with a preoccupation for not conceding in order to snatch the trophy on penalties.
Saudi Arabian Airlines is like South Africa: playing with home advantage, it knows that everyone in town has no option other than to get behind it.
The Ministry of Education is like Brazil: the most important team in the competition, everyone expects to be wowed by its play, but in the end it always relies on individual skills.
Civil Affairs is like the Nigerian team: new coach, same old plan. Crowded in attack, crowded in defense, crowded on the substitutes’ bench.
Aramco is like Argentina: no one doubts its power and ability, but since the days of Maradona to today’s Messi, only one player ever seems to stand out.
The Ministry of Civil Service is like Denmark: a long-standing tradition of organization in defense, a frightening tactic of creeping up on the opposition and a solid overall performance. In the end though, nothing significant comes of it.
The Electricity Company is like Australia: physically strong and with a rugby mentality, it’s forever in conflict with other people over the timing of summer and winter.
The Shoura Council is like the Algerian team: it knows that all the hopes of the Arabs are pinned on it, but it doesn’t stand much of a chance.
The Communications and Information Technology Commission is like the team from Slovenia: a rather obscure outfit, it competes solely to upset the whole show. – Okaz/SG
The writer is a regular
Okaz columnist
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