Youtube Stars: Kantri Guys


Kantri Guyz was started with a passion to bring new and experimental concepts to the local market in a regional language with a touch of sarcasm and comedy. “We are known for introducing new concepts in Hyderabadi Slang like Parodies, Pranks, Spoofs, Social Awareness and Audience relatable videos. Our target audience includes both families and youth. We believe in experimenting with new concepts and technologies in our videos,” they told Saudi Gazette. The channel was launched in January 2013.

“Kantri Guyz was never started for public appreciation but for self-satisfaction and happiness. Later looking at the unexpected viewers who started watching our videos and were giving us positive response to our efforts, we thought of running the channel on a regular basis. The definite Kantri Guys channel was started in November 2015 where we used to upload two videos a month. Till date Kantri Guyz has extended to three videos a month, which still state less content releases, compared to others just to carry the best, relatable and unique concepts and content,” they added. Kantri Guyz earned the ambassadorship for YouTube in Hyderabad in October 2016. YouTube India came up with an ambassador program and Kantri Guyz were chosen as their ambassadors from Hyderabad. YouTube awards channels for their milestones. Kantri Guyz Surpassed 1,00,000+ subscribers and were awarded with a YouTube Silver Play Button.

Who are the members?

Kantri Guyz is a friendship and brotherhood. There are not fixed members but many members who were the part of Kantri Guyz for the phenomenon of entertainment and for comedy justice. But there are some names that are more than just a part of the journey.

Kantri Guyz is completely handled by Syed Viquar Mohiuddin.

Other members who have worked to grow the name of Kantri Guyz are Abdul Khader Arslaan, Abdul Samad, Syed Atif Mohiuddin and Misbahuddin.

More About The Team Syed Viquar Mohiuddin

Kantri Guyz is completely handled by Syed Viquar Mohiuddin, who is responsible for the birth of Kantri Guyz also known as the creator of the channel. He handles the complete operations, which includes Content, Scripting, Casting, Direction, Editing and its Release. Viquar 21-years-old, is pursuing his final year of Bachelor of business administration from St. Pauls Degree College in Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana State.

Syed Atif Mohiuddin

Atif, 21-years-old, is an Engineering student from Al Habeeb College of Engineering. He is pursuing final year in B.Tech. Atif is an Actor and member of Kantri Guyz. Shooting schedules of Kantri Guyz are handled by him.

Abdul Khader Arslaan

Arslaan, 22-years-old, is a B-Com student. He has acted in one of the successful videos of Kantri Guyz “Hyderabadi Rowdies” parody of a reality show.


Misbah, 22-years-old, is a BBA graduate and working in an organization.

Abdul Samad

Abdul Samad is a BBA graduate and also working for a company.


YouTube Ambassadors for Hyderabad

YouTube Silver Play Button Holder (for having 1,00,000+ subscribers)

Winners Of YouTube Next Up 2016 (For being upcoming young channel in India)

YouTube Awarded Us with $2500 for our promising channel.

Got featured in 4 Well known Newspapers

Stage Performed For Fan fest in Hyderabad

Invited as a Guest Speaker in Google Office Hyderabad

Known As Young Entrepreneurs in Hyderabad

Often invited to colleges and schools to give motivation speeches has featured Kantri Guyz in Top 10 Best YouTube channels of India - 2017. Numbering Kantri Guyz at 7th spot.

What Are The Videos About?

Kantri Guyz has a passion for Filmmaking. All the videos on YouTube are professionally shot and edited. We are more interested in making well-planned films.

We want to engage our audience and help make them feel happy and laugh with our humor and sarcasm.

All videos are about specific topics in regional language with a touch of sarcasm and comedy. Kantri Guyz has made sketches, parodies, social awareness videos, regional relatable videos with humor and comedy.

Our main motto is to make people laugh and smile along with a social message. Which also portrays comedy with a message. It is the kind of refreshment, which is related to their day-to-day life and experiences. We found that when people can relate to videos they are the ones they enjoy and are mostly viewed.

People start noticing themselves and situations which they have faced and ignored. Our videos bring back moments and make people cherish their life in a comical and humorous way.

We target people who live outside India. These people miss the flavor of their city and when they watch Kantri Guyz videos, it brings back old memories and smiles.

Our most-liked videos are


(Ghouse ki kahani, Hyderabadi Autowalas, Hyderabadi Examination Hall Etc.)

Parodies & Spoofs

(Chai With Charpate, The Hauli Baat, Rowdies, Hyderabadi Pyar ka Punchnama Etc.)

Social Awareness Videos

(Hindustani Musalman, Aur Bhai (Kaiku Aisa))

Pranks Families/Audience Relatable Videos

(Hyderabadi Moms Everywhere, Hyderabadi Wives Everywhere, Hyderabadi Brothers Everywhere Etc.)

Youth Targeted

(Pillow Fight Prank)

Number of subscribers, views and more about the silver Play button.

Kantri Guyz Channel Overview:

Subscribers : 1,08,600+ counting(109K)

Total Views: 16,455,229 ( 16.5 Million Views)

Watch Time: 46,790,309 Minutes (47 million minutes people have watched)

Total Likes : 281,428 likes

Total Shares : 149,941 shares (150k)