New Snapchat update frustrates users


Saudi Gazette

Snapchat’s new update angered many users who took to social media to complain about the app’s new makeover.

On Twitter, an Arabic hashtag of Snapchat’s update went viral in Saudi Arabia after the update was launched this month. Many started sharing links and tips to restore the old version.

Why some people hate it:

l Confusing layout

It mixed up the flow of accounts you follow by dividing up your friends from “public figures” on opposite sides. It also moved your friends to the message bar where each story they post is like opening a message with a blue circle surrounding their name.

@ms.nadya_a says: “The stories aren’t even in the story section anymore, it’s all ads! And in order to view the stories you have to go to the chat & click on it. Genuinely this update is pathetic and disappointing.”

l Bombarding you with public figures’ accounts you don’t follow.

@ii1991s says it’s “forcing the users to watch every single add which is very annoying...”

l Making famous people more famous.

Not every famous person out there is your cup of tea. So when they appear on your feed, you will now see their posts as “Popular story”. Although you can remove them from the feed by clicking on the “See less like this” option, users complained that it gets certain people more coverage to gain more followers they don’t necessarily deserve.

l Meaningful content and useless content combined

“I used to consume useful information on Snapchat from specific accounts, such as personal development theories and book reviews,” says @bqalenazi who mocked the social media influencers appearing in his feed as shallow.

“I agree, it added famous people I don’t want to follow” said @vyps10.

Saudis are ranked one of the world’s most beloved fans of Snapchat and consider it an essential platform to gain information and share stories.

Over 9 million people in the Middle East use Snapchat frequently spending an average of 30 minutes per day and take around 20 snaps daily.

In less than a week, some people announced they deleted the app after finding it frustrating. Others sent messages to Snapchat to request a change.