New WhatsApp feature boosts video-watching for users


WhatsApp’s new feature allowing YouTube videos to play automatically has solved more than one issue at once.

Users can now text while playing the floating video simultaneously instead of leaving the app to visit YouTube. The video also allows to move around the video and zoom in and out. Unlike video files that require downloading and taking up more space, YouTube videos automatically stream.

Saudis’ favorite app for texting and keeping in touch with friends and family has become an essential platform for keeping up with news and entertaining content.

The new feature comes with WhatsApp’s latest update 2.18.11. Another improvement introduced is recording longer messages without holding your finger down but swiping up instead.

The messaging app has been planning to launch it for some time now and made watching video more convenient for iOS users.

The update is not on Android whose users have the ability to use split-screen functionality on certain devices. It’s expected to be introduced to Android next.