Interior Ministry: Over 20,000 violators apprehended in one week

April 13, 2024

Saudi Gazette report

— The Ministry of Interior has reported that its recent campaigns targeting violations of residency, labor, and border security regulations across the Kingdom from April 4 to 10, 2024, resulted in the apprehension of 20,667 individuals. The breakdown of violations includes 14,805 for residency violations, 3,860 for border security breaches, and 2,002 for labor law infringements.

During these operations, authorities detained 959 people attempting to illegally enter the Kingdom, with 44% of them being Yemeni, 53% Ethiopian, and 3% of other nationalities. Additionally, 58 individuals were arrested for illegal attempts to exit the country.

The campaigns also led to the arrest of nine individuals involved in transporting, sheltering, employing, or otherwise aiding violators of residency and labor laws. The move affected 63,087 expatriates requiring regulation compliance, comprising 58,708 men and 4,379 women.

As part of the resolution process, 54,732 violators were referred to their respective diplomatic missions to secure travel documents, 2,828 were directed to finalize their travel bookings, and 6,271 were deported.

The Ministry of Interior emphasized severe penalties for facilitating the illegal entry or stay of individuals, which can include up to 15 years of imprisonment and fines up to SR1 million. Such acts are considered major offenses and are subject to strict legal consequences.

The ministry also encourages the public to report any related violations by contacting 911 in the Makkah, Riyadh, and Eastern regions, and 999 or 996 in other parts of the Kingdom.

April 13, 2024
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