JAECOO J7/J8 PHEV set to debut at Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

A new landscape emerges in the off-road new energy market!

April 07, 2024

On April 25, the globally anticipated 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will grandly commence. Amidst the accelerating transformation of the new energy landscape, JAECOO, with the theme "New Energy, New Eco, New Era," will make its appearance in Beijing, marking its debut with the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV (plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) from its new energy family. This debut represents a powerful statement of JAECOO's entrance into the new energy era with "new products, new technologies, and a new ecosystem."

Launching in Saudi Arabia in the month of May 2024

In the Middle East region, KSA will be the first country where Chery International has officially opened its international head office. Now, the most anticipated launch in Saudi Arabia for this year is going to take place with the OMODA & JAECOO launch in the month of MAY. This big launch is going to change the market dynamics in the KSA. This means that the automotive industry is going to take a positive turn in the KSA market. Now Chery International's Head office is present in the KSA market and will be monitoring and leading everything for OMODA & JAECOO. This will offer an experience which satisfies the customer. OMODA JAECOO will be the first company in KSA to operate with this business model to make sure the end consumer is well taken care of. This model without a doubt will be beneficial for the end consumer.

A Significant Debut for Hybrid Models as JAECOO Accelerates Its New Energy Layout

Reflecting on JAECOO’s journey since its global launch last April, the company has precisely captured the pulse of the era amidst the turbulent global automotive industry. Focused on innovation in the personalized off-roading sector and adhering to the philosophy of "From Classic, Beyond Classic," JAECOO has offered leading technology and products to global users, crafting high-end off-road models J7 and luxury off-road model J8. Over the past year, JAECOO has successfully debuted in over a dozen countries and regions, including Eastern Europe, Mexico, and South Africa, and soon will be launched in Saudi Arabia, winning the favor of global off-road enthusiasts.

Embracing the vision of "Born for New Energy," JAECOO continues to deepen its category strategy, boldly embracing innovation to achieve a breakthrough in its product matrix further. The upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will see the debut of the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV, epitomizing JAECOO's mastery of electric propulsion, and leading the global off-road SUV market into a new era of new energy all-wheel drive. During this Event, OMODA JAECOO is inviting numerous Media personnel from KSA to China to witness the advent of JAECOO’s amazing journey.

JAECOO’s Technical Specifications

The J7 PHEV builds upon the existing ARDIS All Road Drive Intelligent System, enhancing the new energy experience. In addition to seven driving modes for scenarios like desert, mud, and snowfields, it will also lead in six dimensions: power mode, energy efficiency and low carbon, ultimate safety, all-wheel off-roading, smart technology, and outdoor living, fully leading the technological breakthrough in the new energy off-roading field.

With the significant debut of the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV hybrid new models, JAECOO reshapes the product value of the off-road new energy market, bringing a more intelligent, efficient, and safe off-roading experience to global users, and writing the prelude to JAECOO's new energy story with a technological leap.

Steadily Advancing Globalization and Furthering Brand Ecology

As the globalization process steadily advances, JAECOO is also aggregating global resources, adapting local operations in each market, i.e., Saudi Arabia, quickly establishing a dedicated, independent sales and service network system, and helping the brand build a core moat. At this Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, JAECOO will also unveil its global strategy, advancing new energy development to globally land the full value industry chain of products, technology, and services, lighting up the global off-road new energy map with a breakthrough stance.

With less than a month to launch OMODA & JAECOO in KSA, the pre-sales have been started already. It is expected that there will be amazing value-added deals for the end customers who are reserving the car. This is the advent of a new journey in the KSA market, and the customer will be the winners.

April 07, 2024
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