Why do they attempt to profiteer from Saudi Arabia's gains?

March 09, 2023
Why do they attempt to profiteer from Saudi Arabia's gains?

Jameel Altheyabi

By Jameel Altheyabi

WE call it fate when seniors are hoodwinked and harassed by dwarfs! The same is the fate of Saudi Arabia despite the fact that it is a great country in terms of history, geography, word and deed as well as its people.

I was not surprised — while I zapped through satellite channels, trying to escape from the news of wars, earthquakes, famines, and warnings of confrontations between the major powers — when I noticed that some of these television channels and radio stations have turned their compass to attacking Saudi Arabia, its leaders, and its citizens.

I wonder what these people want from Saudi Arabia: Do they expect that Saudi Arabia will call them to replace its sons? And how do those who have failed look down upon the successful ones? And do they expect Saudi Arabia to recast its domestic and foreign policies on the basis of what they telecast through these screens their “targeted paid” programs with all the nastiness, obscenity, and ugliness?

It is useless to ask such questions as these people are blinded by envy, and their minds are dominated by hatred for everything that is Saudi. Many added to this their ingratitude, and they refuse to give any compliments to Saudi Arabia, though it does not have any impact on what the Kingdom initiates to gift others.

However, there is an important question in this aspect: Are those people who attack Saudi Arabia on television screens and through various media outlets, especially from behind the borders of the Arab world, executing the agenda of Western governments or are they carrying out the instructions of those to whom they owe allegiance and loyalty from the “parties, organizations and groups of political Islam”?

There is no doubt that these dirty practices are not individual ones, but rather follow partisan and ideological systems and countries that have political goals and ambitions. They promote their agenda and spread malice through the media arms and studios that employ or host them to broadcast their poison, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia and these countries from where these radios and televisions are telecasting such programs, enjoy a good relationship, stemming from common, historical, and strategic interests.

What is the interest of these countries, such as Britain, Germany, or Canada for example, in broadcasting poisonous reports and hosting haters of Saudi Arabia?! No doubt, it is an unjust media attack based on lies, fabrications, and distorted facts.

Saudi Arabia neither cares about nor respects these traitorous tongues, no matter how loud their voices are. This is because Saudi Arabia has founded its foreign policy, ever since its inception, on neutrality and respect for good relations, toward achieving its interests and strengthening cooperation with other countries that love peace and coexistence.

Throughout the history of the modern Saudi state, it never unleashed conspiracies against anyone, nor did it exercise influence that weakened the sovereignty of any sisterly, friendly, or allied country. It never worked with a policy of reaction, revenge, and domination but rather sought construction, restoration, and human development. The numbers in the records of the United Nations bear substantial witness to this.

It is appropriate to recall that Saudi Arabia — like all modern developed countries — has its own specialized apparatus to respond to what it deems worthy of a response. It has its own authorities to issue official statements and comments on what is going on inside and outside the Kingdom. Those who emulate others without their own positions and engage in attempts to offend Saudi Arabia, its leadership, and its people should carefully consider an important fact: Saudi Arabia has the most powerful media in the region. But it never hired the media to host fugitives from justice or broadcast deceptive, fabricated, and politicized interviews and reports.

The point to reemphasize is that Saudi Arabia will not be shaken by the “antagonisms” of irresponsible analysts, nor will it be affected by falsified reports against it — no matter how much they fabricate news and no matter how much they hide behind the guise of “sources who refused to disclose their identity.”

It is to say unequivocally to these ungrateful people that Saudi Arabia has become more cohesive, adhering, strong, preoccupied with the future, and immersed in the implementation of its Vision 2030, and there is no consolation for the dwarfs and those who attempt to profiteer, whether in the East or the West, from the Kingdom’s remarkable successes!

March 09, 2023
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