PTA allows old passenger app cars to operate until end of 2023

December 06, 2022

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH Saudi Arabia’s Public Transport Authority announced that small cars whose axle distance exceeds 2.7 meters will be given a grace period to operate under passenger transport applications until the end of 2023 provided that their operational life does not exceed seven years from the year of manufacture.

The authority said that small cars with an axle distance ranging between 2.60 meters and 2.70 meters will be allowed to operate passenger transport applications with a condition that their operational life does not exceed five years from the year of manufacture.

It stated that the licensed companies must add a special classification for small cars and clarify the maximum number of passengers in the vehicle. These cars are not allowed to operate at airports and between cities.

The authority said that this comes with the aim of providing more transportation options for beneficiaries, enhancing service availability, and ensuring speed of response, as well as supporting drivers working in passenger transportation applications in the Kingdom.

The authority is working continuously to raise the quality of service provided in passenger transport applications, and to ensure that these services reach beneficiaries in a manner that meets their aspirations and achieves the required safety standards and requirements.

December 06, 2022
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