Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative documents the stories of talent through creativity and visualization

November 25, 2022

DHAHRAN — Many of the talented contributions from the Eastern Province to the Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative engaged in creativity and inspiration which ignited creativity in various forms to create highly distinguished projects in education, production, handicrafts, inscriptions and many other creative fields radiating limitless imagination.

From within the Al Bir Association in Al Ahsa, the Cultural Center for Deaf Girls presented a workshop focused on methods of communicating with the hearing impaired in tourist sites, targeting female tourist guides in the Eastern Province.

The workshop had the support of the Saudi Deaf Sports Federation and the presentation of Hessa Al Qadimi, in the presence of the deputy of the Cultural Center for Deaf Girls in Al Ahsa, Amal Al Issa. It included many subjects that dealt with an overview of the culture of the hearing impaired, while listing the steps related to mastering sign language, elaborating on its elements, its development, and everything related to its training and rehabilitation and its relationship to tourism, archaeological sites, as well as the most common words in the tourism sector. The tour guide, Naima Al Khamis, described the creative workshop as, " opportunity to learn about the many differences of sign language, and we can consider it as a platform for meeting and communication, as it included new terms and innovative methods, especially as they are advanced training courses under the umbrella of Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative.”

The Tayf Altawahud Association Jubail initiated a workshop that lasted for 3 days, which included introducing the autism spectrum through a virtual reality experience of an autistic child, who was able to highlight his creativity and his ability to coexist with society. The workshop also included introducing the psychological and speech and communication departments, including a presentation of a collection of creative drawings by an autistic child.

In addition, the Dorar Childcare Association in Al Ahsa shed light on unique programs related to training children to conceptualize an idea and preserve it by developing it and investing it in the future, given that talent grows from early stages extending to advanced ages that stimulates the child’s intelligence. Creativity is a permanent feature that makes sure to utilize human capabilities, which is the case for participating students as well, who found their way in arts and activities that don't follow the ordinary and reflect a modern mold that keeps pace with the tendencies of the talented.

It should be noted that many of the organizations participating in the Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative, such as the Naqsh Aldu' Foundation, Cotton for Children, the Children's City Entertainment Center, Ghasaq, the Eastern Province Heritage Awareness Association (Turath), and other entities whose participation was represented by a diverse group that was able to transport the beneficiaries from the world of imagination to reality, to express creativity and transforming various types of knowledge into talents, in order to find out the vision and impressions of a brighter future.

November 25, 2022
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