Public School students sail through Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative with 200 Teachers

November 25, 2022

DHAHRAN —The Alsharqiya Gets Creative initiative launched by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) allowed students to think, create, and awe everyone around them.

The participating public school students in the Eastern Province were represented by 200 teachers across various schools.

The outcome of their participation proved to be a turning point in their learning process, as students devoted their time to innovate through the many workshops, interactive shows, exhibitions, and contests which provided them with various streams of captivating knowledge.

Through videos, interactive advertisements and competitions, students took-off with their projects towards a promising future. Some students found themselves enjoying the geometric activities for the secondary school in Safwa, while other schools preferred using e-learning systems such as a middle school in Dammam.

Other activities included chemistry experiments and arts and crafts, while igniting the spirit of competition among students by turning ideas into reality, especially with the virtual exhibitions such as the My Astronomy Encyclopedia exhibition at the middle school in Ras Tanura.

This was shared along with various participations in developing digital and remote learning, while other schools worked on launching projects for biology and mathematics curriculums. It is a remarkable note that some schools started publishing scientific magazines with an entertaining twist, coinciding with the launch of the activities of the initiative which lasted for more than 18 days.

Despite the variety of participating projects, there are those who resort to more surprising methods through displaying photos and videos of the most prominent heritage landmarks in the Eastern Province, as well as various activities such as the Creativity Table.

The activity introduces students to a realistic educational simulation to learn through play, in addition to the interactive astronomy activity through the newly introduced pop-up icon technology. Students aided in preserving folklore, most specifically antique games. This is where students of Othman bin Al Aas Middle School in Dammam determined to revive popular childhood games, bringing back memories in interactive ways with a modern twist.

November 25, 2022
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