Saudi Arabia calls on Iran to urgently fulfill its nuclear commitments

September 25, 2022
Prince Faisal delivers the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday before the 77th UN general assembly in New York.
Prince Faisal delivers the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday before the 77th UN general assembly in New York.

Saudi Gazette report

NEW YORK — Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan called on Iran to urgently fulfill its nuclear commitments.

Prince Faisal reiterated in the speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia he delivered on Saturday before the 77th UN General Assembly in New York, the need to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian crisis through a political solution to protect civilians.

He urged the international community to work to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.

Prince Faisal affirmed the Kingdom’s commitment to the United Nations Charter, but also stressed the need to reform the Security Council.

“We support the principles of international legitimacy aimed at maintaining international peace and security, and calling for cooperation on the basis of mutual respect for the sovereignty and independence of states, resolving disputes by peaceful means, and not resorting the threat of force.”

He said: “Lebanon should not be a starting point for the export of drugs and weapons and humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach Syria.”

“We support the water security of Egypt and Sudan.”

Prince Faisal told the UNGA that his country affirms its support for the extension of the cease-fire in Yemen.

He added, “Middle East security relies upon a solution to the Palestinian issue according to the 1967 borders.”

“The Jeddah Summit stressed the importance of collective action for the stability of the Middle East.”

Prince Faisal said: “We’re keen to support the global economic recovery by contributing to maintaining the balance of energy markets.”

He stressed the importance of investing in fossil energy and its clean technologies over the next two decades to meet the growing demand globally and to spare the world the negative effects resulting from unrealistic policies.

“The unrealistic policies aims to exclude the main energy sources without regard to the negative effects on global supply chains, inflation, high energy prices, increased unemployment rates, and other social, economic and security effects.”

On bidding to host Expo 2030, Prince Faisal said the request to host the Expo 2030 under the theme “The Era of Change: Together for a Foresighted Tomorrow” was inspired from our ambitious vision.

“If the Kingdom wins the organization of the Expo, it will work to restore this exhibition to its original idea for which the Expo was established, and to explore the future of the planet and the advanced technology that this future holds, including the sustainable development goals.”

Prince Faisal also thanked all countries that have announced their support for the Kingdom’s bid.

On Climate Change, Prince Faisal said Saudi Arabia has launched the Saudi Green Initiative and Green Middle East Initiative to promote clean energy.

“The Kingdom attaches great importance to human rights, and its regulations have included explicit texts aimed at promoting and protecting these rights,” he said.

Saudi Arabia has also announced the development of the legislative system within the framework of the reforms adopted by the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to raise the efficiency of the legal and judicial systems.

“We hope that our efforts will contribute to conveying our message, values and principles to the world, in an atmosphere of partnership and respect to build a better future for all of humanity,” Prince Faisal said.

September 25, 2022
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