Princess Reema impressed by tour of Aramco Research Center in Detroit

August 06, 2022

Saudi Gazette report

DETROIT — Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Princess Reema Bint Bandar expressed her immense pride over all the extraordinary work that is being done at the Aramco Research Center in Detroit.

Princess Reema made the remarks on Friday during her tour of the Aramco Research Center in Detroit, Michigan, where she met with a number of officials who are in charge of the center.

Princess Reema was briefed on the developments in the carbon capture technology field, as well as on the new innovations that the center is working on to protect the environment and reduce emissions.

“It was a pleasure to tour the Aramco Research Center in Detroit, Michigan,” Princess Reema said on her official Twitter account, adding that "Very proud of all the extraordinary work being done here."

It is noteworthy that the Aramco Research Center in Detroit focuses on competitive transportation solutions, improving the efficiency of current and future engines, and reducing the overall environmental impact, cost, and complexity of engine systems.

August 06, 2022
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