RSAF contingent participating in Red Flag 2022 exercise arrives at US Nellis Base

March 02, 2022

RIYADH — The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) contingent participating in the Red Flag 2022 Exercise Wednesday arrived at the Nellis Base in the US, where they were received by Lt. Col. Pilot Talal Bin Abdulaziz Bin Bandar, commander of the Air Force group participating in the drill.

The commander noted that all participants of technical and assistant air personnel have arrived to participate in the Red Flag exercise, including six multi-task F-15 SE aircrafts, which is the latest among counterparts, have arrived at the Nellis Base in the US, as the exercise includes the participation of several countries.

He added that this is the eighth participation of the air forces in this exercise that is characterized by accuracy in preparing scenes simulating the real fights in an environment of an advanced e-war and to face and counter air or ground attack.

This is in addition to study modern tactics by the enemy and means to counter them, noting that the simulated threats are the most complicated and enable us to test our combat capabilities and achieve the maximum benefit of them in real life battles.

The participation of the Royal Saudi Air Force in the Red Flag exercise is part of training plans already made to increase the level of combat preparedness for the air forces and training in a different air environment, as well as highlighting the level reached by participants in terms of efficiency in preparation and combat. — SPA

March 02, 2022
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