Hassan Nasrallah and his last “slapping” party

January 11, 2022

by Najeeb Yamani

I do not find a more accurate and appropriate description of the “slapping party” that Hassan Nasrallah held last week than that of an imagery of a “rat” that’s caught in a trap. The rat, finding no way to get out of it, is almost strangled in the trap such that there are no tricks left for it except meaningless screaming, wailing, and babbling while seeing nobody around extending any sort of help or aid.

I say this with certainty while looking at the pathetic state of isolation that Nasrallah and his desperate Hezbollah group are experiencing. This miserable state in which Nasrallah and Hezbollah are in is a result of the great efforts in terms of the Saudi diplomacy over the past period with deliberate and insightful initiatives that were instrumental in setting the Arab House in order.

The Kingdom’s foreseeable role was evident in the return of Iraq to the Arab fold. This is through effectively blocking the Persian expansion bids into the Iraqi state and society. The Iranian dominance had inflicted a big threat to Iraq’s social fabric, and triggered strife in various parts of the country.

Baghdad had almost become a Persian state and an Iranian base from where evils were emanated and proliferated in the region. There were hotbeds of terrorism through its proxies in the region such as the terrorist Houthi militia in Yemen, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the like that are either active or sleeping in some Arab and Gulf countries.

The Kingdom’s initiative brought an end to this mess before it escalated and became insoluble. It was able to block the way for the Safavid regime, and paralyze its supply route to Hezbollah, which wreaked havoc in Lebanon, and turned the situation there to what it is today of torn limbs and spreading of mines that might explode at any moment.

The move to reset the Iraqi House in order was preceded by the initiative of doing the same for the Yemeni House, through the efforts of the Arab Coalition forces, with striking one of the mercenary pockets of the Safavid regime in the great Arab House. Had it not been there the swift move on the part of the Kingdom and the Saudi-led Coalition Command with launching the “Decisive Storm,” the Persian state would have been able to build a disturbing presence on this part of the region to continue spreading its venom.

So it is not surprising that Nasrallah screams and wails more, and increases “slapping” and tearing pockets as the noose tightens on the terrorist Houthi militia. He is getting what he deserves as a reward for his mercenary work for the Safavid regime.

Nasrallah, in no way, can overtake the Kingdom in its concern for Yemen, the safety of its territories, and the security of its people. He pretends to weep for the Yemeni people in falsity and camouflaging the obvious truth. What the Kingdom has provided to the Yemeni people has been instrumental in healing the wounds that the militia had committed, and the Coalition is proceeding to its goals with great precision and care.

As for the Kingdom’s role in Lebanon over the ages, it has remained constant and principled, in its keenness on stability of this sisterly country, and in securing it from the threats of extremism, and the sectarianism that tampered with its social fabric.

Hezbollah represents the most dangerous in this regard, with the misdeeds it commits, and the crimes it tries to cover up with threats and putting the security of this country in constant danger and tension. The best evidence for this is the state of isolation that Lebanon is experiencing today, and its strained relationship with the Gulf countries. The reason for this is well known.

The recent remarks made by Nasrallah against Saudi Arabia contain not an iota of truth. Rather, they are nonsensical words uttered in the last “slapping party.” I do not see any deficiency in the Kingdom’s pioneering role in the region. It never deserves to be blamed with sound crackers and nonsense.

What Nasrallah brought in the last “slapping party” was one of the chapters we are accustomed to, and an annual appearance within the framework referred to above, to lament over the killing of the terrorist Qassem Soleimani, and other terrorists in a precision American drone strike.

So mourn, Nasrallah, and weep, for this is your turn, a hired mourner. Also ensure that your dark fate is approaching so as to relieve Lebanon and the world from your drugs, conspiracies, lamentations and constant slapping.

January 11, 2022
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