Saudi Arabia resumes in-person attendance for primary and kindergarten students

January 09, 2022

Saudi Gazette Report

- The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health has announced on Sunday, the resumption of the in-person attendance for male and female students in the primary and kindergarten stages.

The attendance will resume for those under 12 years old, starting from Sunday 20/6/1443 AH, corresponding to January 23, 2022 AD. As it includes all students in the government, private, international and foreign schools.

According to the statement, students who are unable to attend for health problems or having certain medical conditions are excluded from the decision, and to continue to pursue education through remote learning via the various platforms concerned.

The decision came as a result of the successful efforts made by Saudi Arabia and the Ministries of Education and Health and the Public Health Authority “Weqaya” in achieving social immunity in implementing the precautionary measures protocols for the safe attendance of the intermediate and secondary levels.

The Ministry of Education confirmed the readiness of all schools to implement the health precautions and procedures approved by the Public Health Authority “Weqaya”, noting that it is following the progress of the educational process in the primary and kindergarten stages according to the flexible operational models for the in-person attendance.

The two Ministries has thanked the families’ efforts in following up their children during the remote learning period, as it is also looking forward in continuing their efforts during the attendance return.

January 09, 2022
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