10 days to go until Riyadh comes alive with MDLBEAST’S majestic shows

December 06, 2021

RIYADH — MDLBEAST, the music entertainment company, released Monday a series of artistic performance acts that will offer nonstop entertainment at SOUNDSTORM ‘21. The diverse range of creative art forms gathered from all over the world in Riyadh will ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy the region’s loudest music festival, taking place Dec. 16-19.

Talal Albahiti, COO and head of talent booking and events at MDLBEAST, said, “From LED evening shows to fire arts, robots, aerial shows and much more, your entertainment is guaranteed at SOUNDSTORM 21.

“The atmosphere will be simply magical and suitable for everyone taking part in what will truly be a memorable experience for everyone attending.

“The sheer scale and quality of entertainment will be truly unrivalled by any other festival in the region and is surely up there with any other festival around in the world.”

The daily line up is now released with a total tally of 150 artists, with more acts to be announced in the coming days.

With a stellar performances every day, SOUNDSTORM ’21 will kick off in style with the likes of legendary Benny Benassi, The Chainsmokers, Deadmau5, and Steve Aoki amongst many other notable international and local artists including Zone+, Hats & Klaps and Jeme.

As the entertainment continues off stage as well, below is a selection of some the best art performance acts expected at SOUNDSTORM ’21.

• Dancers and sway poles with LED Halo’s! A group of dancers offering stunts at elevated heights that introduce you into the future world with a futuristic spectacular show.

• A team of the best LED acrobats. With stunning state-of-the-art, rarely seen LED costumes, offering a dynamic shape tumbling and flipping through the air on trampolines and over structures!

• Expect Cyr Wheel, Chinese pole and much more, regularly bringing energy and fun to festivals and street shows around the world. Amazing strength and skill with comedy and laughter!

• Ultra-vivid giant gleaming robots tripping the light and delivering fantastic entertainment. Illuminated globally, with remotely-controlled and colour changing LED lights — DOUBLE the amount you’ll find on any other costume. Each robot comes with a full set of integrated CO2 cannons and twin pyrotechnic guns set to stun!

• Towering Transformer robots standing at ten feet tall, these superb sci-fi creations first gained recognition starring in the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV show. Each costume comes equipped with LED lighting, making sure they’re as visible as possible. With built-in stomping sound effects, the Transformers’ walkabout in a pair.

• A fabulous team of sky-walking beauties, showcasing a new style of Victorian sci-fi chic. The girls are encased within whirring gyroscopic mechanisms, giving greater stability all round! It’s very eye-catching and will add a great imaginative touch to the SOUNDSTORM scene! — SG

December 06, 2021
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