stc pay ranked as one of the most popular digital only banks in the middle east

November 28, 2021

RIYADH – Countless consumers have been hopping onto their search engines searching for a digital bank to replace their traditional bank. With contactless payment becoming the norm, stc pay lead this initiative and executed it innovatively for smooth and easy transactions.

stc pay is continuously enhancing their products and services so it is no surprise that it has been recognized as one of the most popular digital only banks in the middle east, specifically in KSA. stc pay remains innovative, always exploring possibilities and creating a customer centric experience while engaging their customers.

The Financial Brand digital publication has recently conducted research that found in the Middle East the most popular banks are starting to off-shoot traditional banks. stc pay, being one of these digital banks, has kept ahead of modern trends while breaking boundaries and enriching experiences, meeting the expectations of their customers.

This result reflects our continued efforts to strengthen our digital banking services to be more comprehensive, in line with the Financial Sector Development Program - one of the goals of The Kingdom's Vision 2030. This has already been achieved with stc pay, which has attracted the attention of customers across the Kingdom and of all ages, through the advanced services it provides to the electronic portfolio." "stc pay aims to keep up with the journey of digital transformation in banking transactions by adopting the concept of innovation in banking services and products, investing in digital technologies, and enhancing customer interest."

Now, stc pay continuously satisfies consumers looking for digital banks and convenient and new ways to make transactions. Always a first mover, stc pay takes opportunities that might seem like a blockade to some and use it to empower.

November 28, 2021
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