Saudi Arabia expels Lebanese Ambassador, bans all imports from Lebanon

October 29, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Lebanon for consultation and asked the Lebanese ambassador to the kingdom to leave within 48 hours.

The Kingdom ordered the immediate ban to all Lebanese imports, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Friday.

The decision follows “the insulting statements” during an interview given by Lebanon’s Information Minister George Kordahi before he became a minister.

Saudi Arabia has affirmed its keenness on the Lebanese citizens residing in the Kingdom, “whom it considers part of the fabric and bond that unites the Saudi people and their Arab brothers residing in the Kingdom,” the statement read.

The ministry added that it did not consider that what was said by Kordahi reflected the positions of the Lebanese community residing in the Kingdom.

“These statements represent a new episode of reprehensible and rejected positions issued by Lebanese officials towards the Kingdom and its policies.”

Saudi Arabia also said that the latest decision also stemmed from Beirut’s failure to take the measures to stop the export of narcotics from Lebanon, “especially in light of the terrorist Hezbollah’s control of all ports.”

“The Kingdom’s government regrets the outcome of the relations with the Lebanese Republic due to the Lebanese authorities’ ignoring of the facts and their continued failure to take corrective measures to ensure the observance of the relations that the Kingdom has long been keen on based on the brotherly feelings and deep ties it has for the dear Lebanese people,” the ministry said.

The statement added that “the terrorist Hezbollah” group had made Lebanon an arena and a launching pad for implementing projects of countries that do not wish the best for Lebanon.

October 29, 2021
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