Najm targets customer-centric Saudi auto insurance

Deploys Interactive Voice Response and WhatsApp BOT solutions to drive customer engagement

September 09, 2021

RIYADH — With an increasing demand for the speed and efficiency of digital customer service, businesses have been undergoing a monumental shift to keep up with an ever-changing world shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and the uptick in digital services and technologies.

With the lack of person-to-person interaction amid the pandemic, industries and consumers have pushed for safer, more convenient alternatives, shifting the bulk of their interactions to digital communication channels.

Recognizing this movement and riding the wave of advancement, Najm for Insurance Services leads the Saudi insurance ecosystem, seeking enhanced engagement with its customer base who can now access their services when they want, where they want, and via multiple channels whether through the Najm App, Najm Website, or the more recent advanced IVR system and WhatsApp support service.

As the epicenter of the auto insurance value chain and the backbone of the insurance industry in the Kingdom, Najm has been at the cutting edge of innovation driving constructive digital transformation and service automation, while maintaining a focus on its customers and promoting their experience.

Commenting on the outstanding performance of the company’s digital platforms catering to the needs of its customers despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic, Najm’s CEO Dr. Mohammad Al Suliman points out that since the early days of the lockdowns Najm has migrated 95% of its services to its digital platforms, Najm App and Najm Website.

Dr. Al Suliman added that digitalized operations have resulted in higher efficiency in service delivery, indicating that the newly featured IVR and WhatsApp services are anticipated to drive engagement among Najm’s customer base, before eventually relaying these benefits to all players in the auto insurance industry.

This aligns with Najm’s efforts to contribute to Saudi Vision 2030 and the Kingdom’s mission to digitalize its sectors and to achieve wide-scale digital transformation, as Najm cements its position as the leading force integrating technology and automation into the insurance sector through its comprehensive operational strategy BASE.

With this strategy, Najm plans to enhance the company’s customer service responsiveness and to promote service automation, another cornerstone for business sustainability and quality of delivery. Setting an example for effectively bridging the provider-customer gap, Najm deploys its IVR system, advancing customer experience and streamlining customer service operations.

At a time of increasing customer demand and higher expectations, the IVR system assists in supplying customers with the necessary information they need, guides them to the channels where they can resolve their inquiries and claims efficiently, enables the registration of accidents accurately in less than two minutes throughout an all-digital process, and details the range of available services, guaranteeing an enhanced experience and boosting customer satisfaction.

With this customer-centric approach, Najm promotes customer engagement and cultivates a loyal customer base. Furthermore, the IVR system allows more time for call centre agents to work on resolving the more complex requests and saves time in the process. Another main advantage of this digital interaction model is that it allows all requests and claims to be adequately addressed and resolved regardless of the traffic volume.

In addition to that, Najm effectively engages its customers by providing instant support and assistance via its WhatsApp service where users can report accidents through their personal accounts and utilize the platform’s accurate location sharing feature, prompting a fast response from surveyors and ensuring the seamlessness of field operations.

Capitalizing on the IVR system and the WhatsApp service, alongside the success of the Najm App and Website, Najm’s digital ecosystem is anticipated to drive operational efficiencies across the board, further boosting the value of services and ensuring their optimal delivery around the clock.

Building off the momentum of its consecutive achievements, Najm is set to accelerate its technological expansion connecting beneficiaries across the Kingdom and elevating the quality of auto insurance services. With the recent certification of its tier-3 data center by Uptime Institute serving as an additional testimony to its digital readiness, Najm has proven itself as a fully-geared advocate of digitalization, capable of minimizing risk in such unprecedented and uncertain times, and achieving heightened customer engagement as a result.

That being said, and as digital-age customers continue to expect more out of their insurers, providing them with fast, reliable, top-quality services not only fosters their loyalty, but also increases demand for insurance, ultimately enhancing the profitability of the whole industry. — SG

September 09, 2021
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