Morning people’s seven secrets

April 01, 2021
Morning people’s seven secrets
Noor A. AlNaboud

Waking up early in the morning can be beneficial. One needs to understand the people who are up and away at this time of the day, and that’s what I set about to do. The secrets of a morning person put me onto a new track to understand what kind of energies these people carry and bring to the world. I believe they are interesting enough to be studied as they usually engage the attention in a positive sense.

1- Systematic: One of the hallmarks of the morning people is their lifestyle that appears complete with regard to every detail. You can see overall balance in the skills and abilities from their performance while showing exactness in corresponding. They have a steady pace and regular rhythm in the way they deal with people and things. Here I would like to remember the Aramco people, considering that it was my dad, the first man in my life, who introduced us to such a lifestyle, with his work environment starting from the time he wakes up to the way he dresses, just like an automatic machine.

2- Optimistic: Those who wake up early in the morning are more hopeful and confident about the future to the extent they might be absolute certain about what they want to do and how they need to do it, especially while achieving their goals.

3- Fulfilling: They are successful in producing, measuring and completing the tasks while getting the intended results in a timely manner. They always meet the deadline by ending the tasks successfully without delay. I too noticed this trait in me, considering I’m a morning person, for I could do a lot during mornings.

4- Healthy: Most morning people display good physical and mental condition regardless of age. They have a healthy skin tone and on occasion show reddish glow. This is because they have enough time to rest and sleep and they also care to eat healthy while practicing physical activities that keep them fit

5- Energetic: A morning person also shows in the way they behave, speak and are expressive. They display energy and passion. In fact, morning people are influential by nature.

6- Realistic: These people are more rational than others, who more than usual live in a ”Dream World”. Their decisions are based on logic, intelligence and good sense far away from emotion. Honestly, this feature was not evident in me, as I see myself to the maximum an emotional character.

7- Discipline: As a point of fact, morning people adhere to things. For example like those who take responsibility to take care of animals, trees or flowers while they are growing. They do it with commitment. I also noticed that usually they like to see people and things under control!

I would like to end here with an inspirational Ben Franklin quote associated with morning people: “Early to bed an early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

— Saudi writer can be reached @moionlynoor

April 01, 2021
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