To be Human

March 27, 2021
To be Human
Noor A. AlNaboud

American writer, filmmaker, philosopher, teacher, and political activist Susan Sontag’s great quote, “I don’t care about someone being intelligent; any situation between people, when they are really human with each other, produces (intelligence),” denotes a constructive attitude and productive feelings towards humanity.

Cultural and societal way of life depends on how much the community participates and engages in a positive and spontaneous way with disadvantaged people while expressing the positivity through institutions.

I would like to revisit King Salman’s call to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to boost social responsibility and to find ways to support Saudi individuals by providing them opportunities to enhance their lives, such that they reach a higher level of living.

I’m excited to see their plans, strategies implement and the eventual results. I believe they need to chart a new path that is determined and forceful without recycling what they had attempted before!

Here I would like to quote the words of Fulton J. Sheen that is impactful, “Nothing ever happens in the world that doesn’t happen first inside human hearts.”

I suggest considering a new salary scale in private sectors that fits the VAT, they need investigators to investigate, secretly inside the organizations, the positions and office structures and to make sure that leadership positions are equal to their terms and condition. In fact, I’m pretty sure, many private entities manipulate the rules within their government system and go in contrary directions unfortunately.

I’m also wondering about article 77 in labor law, as this condition has been implemented by MHRSD and at the same time there is an unwillingness to use it, although there are terms and conditions in it. But still there is a section that put up an opposition to it.

In this manner, I hope to emphasize the need to prioritize Saudis first as we are living through real struggle in this regard, especially when it comes job titles and recruiting. This subject must be managed and settled closely and seriously.

We trust our government is protecting the Saudi status and seeking solutions to overcome the difficulties and challenging circumstances that Saudis are facing.

This quote by Max Allan Collins says it all, “Everyone needs help. That’s the human condition.”

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March 27, 2021
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