No more discrimination

March 18, 2021
No more discrimination
Noor A. AlNaboud

“Wind does not discriminate, it touches everyone, everything,” was a quote from Lish McBride, and these wise words remain etched in our minds for its deep impact, stressing wind’s role without discrimination.

The quality of being fair is an attribute that we all seek and become a way of living, as this is respectful of individual rights. I thus believe fairness must be given generously, knowing this trait is a lifestyle and main characteristic of noble communities.

Clearly Saudi Arabia has made progress and achieved social equality, particularly in improving the contractual relationship in the private sector and also by empowering women and providing equal chances for them in work.

Many outsiders pose this question in terms of social equality or economic rights here in Saudi Arabia. They can view the answer with the reform being instituted all round. And they can be rest assured that all form of discrimination and social inequalities have been buried sufficiently deep.

This is evident in the clear set of initiatives provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Saudis and residents as well as men and women, providing an environment of equality in all spheres.

On March, 14, 2021, Saudi Arabia abolished the sponsorship system in order to improve the contractual relationship. Other regulations were introduced and these initiatives were designed to improve the quality of work and productivity and to promote a healthy work environment

The spinoffs of these reforms has been the rise in Saudization percentages while also providing new channels for employment and encouraging private institutes to hire the best talents.

The human side and the noble qualities of Saudi government was evident when non-Saudis got the right and freedom to move from one work to another without an approval from his or her employer once their contract ends, with special terms and conditions applying.

This new direction that Saudi Arabia has taken has removed any doubt from everybody’s mind that the new reforms will prove a catalyst for the nation’s progress and development such that the changes will be evident in economic, social and moral spheres.

— Saudi writer can be reached @moionlynoor

March 18, 2021
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