Clubhouse worthy of attention

February 17, 2021
Clubhouse worthy of attention
Noor A. AlNaboud

To be unique and worth being remembered, you have to have power and a great influence over others in an agreeable way.

One such entity is on the way all set to make its mark, as we move quickly to new and different cycle of social media through the Clubhouse platform founded by Elon Musk.

This program has evoked satisfaction from the majority of public that has used it, both in Saudi Arabia and around the world, although it is still not fully accessible as it is obtainable only through personal invitations.

The atmosphere is congenial and is just simple as all you need to do is jump into any of the available rooms in the application, what someone has termed, can be the same of me or totally different.

Yet we can reach one understanding that there’s “Freedom of Speech”. I believe, by this, the people are being introduced to new fields, ideas and perspectives.

In addition, I was given the impression of that there was cultural appropriation, harmony, awareness and self-consciousness in these rooms.

Having people with different gender or race meeting together discussing and sharing their thoughts and beliefs openly and honestly, is something really interesting, especially for us as Saudi community.

This can be inspiring place for anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists to shape new concepts of harmonizing thoughts and being a harmonist, related to this period of time.

In my opinion, Clubhouse is a good tool that is sure to improve communication skills for individuals and groups.

Also, people engaging in what they like most and in what they stand for, are sure to contribute value there, as real human beings, and that’s what makes Clubhouse most unique, yet. I’m not sure if this will be a timeless quality!

If you ask me about how far Clubhouse is useful, I will say there is nothing silly there as everyone has his/her own tendencies and will select the room that goes with her/his type and aims. This shows how much this application is flexible and satisfying (informative, narrative or entertaining).

There is something funny in Clubhouse, as some serious chartrooms, which speak about real stuff and personal issues, have posted dumb titles. But, maybe this is a way to attract attention, paradoxically.

I think, one can spend a lot of one’s time there wisely, either as a listener or a speaker while helping one to build a personal brand

It encourages people to present themselves smoothly through the power of their voice only whenever and wherever they want. This is a smart idea by Elon Musk, I believe.

From my standpoint, a person’s life story can be forever memorable if it offers something meaningful leaving a positive impact in the world.

February 17, 2021
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