Vaccine of humanity

January 18, 2021
Hamoud Abu Talib

Social media platforms celebrated and various outlets of media published visuals of young Saudi men and women who were accompanying those who arrived at the coronavirus vaccination center in Jeddah to receive vaccine jabs. They were seen using umbrellas to guard their guests from getting wet while leading them on to inside the center from outside parking lots during the rainy days recently.

There has been an amazing coordination between these youngsters by which they receive those who have registered for taking the vaccine dose in the premises of the vaccination center set up at the southern terminal of King Abdulaziz International Airport and handed them over to the hospitality of another group of volunteers at the entrance of the center and then they go back to receive others.

This mind-blowing humanitarian scene can in no way be considered as a propaganda show arranged for the sake of the Ministry of Health or for promoting the officials of the center. But rather it is a spontaneous behavior in which there is ample amount of elegance and beauty apart from its simplicity and humbleness, irrespective of whether it is an initiative on the part of these young Saudis or managed by the officials who manage the vaccination centers.

However, there is no difference of opinion about its outcome in terms of winning accolades from all those who watched this wonderful scene. Don’t you believe that this simple scene that has been documented more simply and perhaps by accident would have a greater impact on the world communities than any propaganda scenes executed by a public relations company by spending huge amount of money so as to preserve them afterwards in their archives?

Such spontaneous situations stem from pure human love and empathy that captivate the emotions of others as a manifestation of the gorgeous image of the Saudi society. Now we have a generation whose patriotic spirit has risen to embrace the sky of pride and self-esteem; a generation that has innovative methods of representing its society and appearing in the finest way in front of the world.

We just need to give it ample space, and give support to it and put our trust on it. These young men and women got wet by the rain while they were giving shelter to those who arrived to receive the vaccine. They were inoculating them with the vaccine of humanity before leading the visitors to take their vaccine against coronavirus pandemic.

January 18, 2021
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