Developing Saudi women leadership career skills quite at an early stage of their lives

January 18, 2021
Azhar Ali Gawarir

Eventually, Saudi women have made significant strides in the country's workforce, indicating how the Vision 2030 has borne fruits. The women have defied all odds to become substantial players in the running of organizations.

Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud's life story is a perfect illustration that voices the need to support women's entry into their professions at an early age. Doing so helps them develop skills that would eventually lead them to leadership positions. Princess Reema, at a younger age, in a strange career for women, started (Yibreen) that offered women gym services.

Over the years, she nurtured the leadership skills that have enabled her to serve in different leadership positions. She remains one of the decorated women leaders, having served as CEO for Al Hama and Alfa International. Her excellent leadership earned her an appointment as an ambassador, reaffirming how molding women skills would help make them good leaders.

Amal Yahya Al-Mouallimi offers another similar story for women in leadership. After years of practice as a trainer, Amal has ascended to the position of an ambassador in Norway. Her breakthrough serves as a reminder that women have the potential in leadership.

Before appointment to this plum job, Amal developed her skills when serving as director-general in Human Rights Commission (HRC). She also worked in the National Dialogue Center as an assistant secretary-general. These were significant stepping stones that helped prepare her for an ambassadorial role.

Undoubtedly, Saudi Arabia can increase women's representation in leadership positions by supporting them right from their youthful years. Offering women opportunities at an early age provides them with platforms to develop skills and knowledge needed in leadership. Such a strategy will help the country improve diversity in leadership.

‪— Azhar Ali Gawarir is a PhD Researcher at the University of Brighton in the UK. She can be reached at: Azharalim@hotmail.com Twitter: @AzharA15

January 18, 2021
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