Passports' Directorate sets safeguards, conditions for exempted categories' traveling permits issuance


RIYADH — The General Directorate of Passports set forth a number of safeguards and conditions relating to issuance of traveling permits for the national exempted categories, during the time of international flights' suspension, due to novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

The details of these terms have been posted on Absher platform for e-services.

They stipulate that the first category is the officials on missions deemed eligible to take the advantage, provided that the official mission cannot be, remotely or virtually, conducted, or that the mission falls within a specifically fixed deadline and that the mission time shall be as limited as possible.

For the sake of gathering the national’s family members living abroad, which is the second category, applicants shall prove the relationship, and prove the impossibility of their relatives' return to the Kingdom, provided that the documents are accredited by the pertinent department, in the Kingdom, or by a Saudi legation, in the country of staying.

The third category is for the nationals living abroad and their dependents, who are required to prove their living abroad the Kingdom, similarly prove staying in that specific country and the claim shall be supported by a valid permanent or semi-permanent sojourn permit. — SPA