We will not water the thorns in Lebanon!


The Saudi support to Lebanon during the period 1990-2015 exceeded $70 billion, which contributed to the reconstruction of Lebanon after the end of the civil war and to supporting the Lebanese economy during the crises that Lebanon went through. In all stages, Saudi aid was used to heal Lebanon's wounds every time they bled due to Hezbollah's policies and wars!

This time, Saudi Arabia had a different stance, an open and transparent stand for internal Lebanon and for the international community. Saudi Arabia will not continue to pay Hezbollah’s bills, and the Lebanese have to shoulder their responsibilities towards their country, and the international community must assume its responsibilities towards Hezbollah’s mischief internally and regionally!

It is no longer possible for Saudi Arabia to continue to pay billions to Lebanon in the morning and receive insults on its screens at night. This situation is no longer compatible with the new stage of Saudi foreign policy, as Saudi money does not fall from the sky or grow in the desert.

It is better for this money to fund national development than to go to political thieves, barons and bullies in a country controlled by a terrorist party that is openly hostile towards Saudi Arabia and works secretly and openly to hit its interests, target its security and infringe on the safety of its people!

Nothing compels Saudi Arabia to endure the hypocrisy of Lebanese politics and the dichotomy of its character between friendship and enmity, unless Lebanon is liberated from the domination of Hezbollah and its allies trading in Lebanon’s sovereignty and the Lebanese people’s sustenance.

It is for the wise and honest in Lebanon to say their word. The precious Saudi water will not be wasted in watering thorns!

– The author can be reached on Twitter: @K_Alsuliman