Human evolution and woman

August 11, 2020
Noor A. AlNaboud

Human evolution is individual and never collective, it comes from within to shape our life beliefs, values and opinions, and we can see this growth on different levels and eras. Here it is good to drop the question “To what extent human evolution is shaped by an individual?”

From a feminist point of view, please let me say, to the limit where woman supports woman. Yes, women. As I will inform you briefly how it happens, when and where.

As a Saudi woman I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge how interesting and nice was the change that happened within our Saudi community, which we even felt in our communication with our gender.

Social life I think is the key to transition in the new human evolution these days, as the Saudi community became more open and active on social media after many years of social conservatism.

Through social media we created good relations with real people, shared common interests, learned new stuff and developed new life skills. I will go the extra mile to say that some cheerfully exposed their future plans and dreams. This sounds maybe weird but it’s very true and more exciting than how we used to be.

Woman’s passion about things and positive attitude about women supporting women, all came after the liberty, freedom and self-determination we gained from our country or in other words, in the age of New Saudi.

We have the right to express ourselves and state our needs freely and loudly. It’s important here to remember Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s (MBS) great saying, “I’m supporting Saudi Arabia and half of Saudi are women, thus I’m supporting women.” This is an invitation as well for us, as women, to support each other.

However, women, in general, no matter in which field, age or educational level can empower another women in every which way, as sometimes it happens through motivation; thoughts inspiring someone to reach her goals or guidance to discover one’s life path. We could support verbally with a word to relieve her pain or appease her fears.

I truly believe, empowered woman would support women without hesitation as long as she is able to help or has something to offer. We go back to our nature as “females” — to help and love without conditions.

The spirit of women union is just like a miracle, everything is possible and it springs out of love and it grows stronger once there is trust without comparing or judging.

Going back to human evolution, no one can doubt the fact that our mental, emotional and spiritual development will not evolve accidently without internal effort. It takes strength to be open to others and give the green light for them to share with us their goods.

— The writer can be reached at @moionlynoor

August 11, 2020
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