Patient absconds with stolen ambulance in Jeddah


Saudi Gazette report

A patient stole an ambulance of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) from the premises of King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah. The ambulance was later retrieved from a nearby fuel station, according to Abdullah Abu Zaid, spokesman of SRCA in Jeddah.

A video went viral in the social media, showing the patient fleeing after taking control of the ambulance at the entrance of the hospital. Those present nearby tried to stop the patient from stealing and fleeing in the ambulance, but all their attempts failed.

The video showed that a security guard had miraculous escape from being run over by the speeding ambulance. An accident could have been a likely outcome as the patient, in his rush to escape, careened the ambulance from the hospital to the rod, before speeding away.

Reacting to the video, being circulated in social media about the theft of the ambulance, Abu Zaid said in a press briefing that the incident happened when the medical staff brought the patient to the hospital in the ambulance.

The man dodged the staff and managed to get in the ambulance’s driver’s seat and drove away as the hospital security made a valiant effort to stop him.

The patient left the vehicle at one of the fuel stations adjacent to the hospital, and the security officials recovered it, he added.