Labor settlement wing handles 3,000 cases, clears SR5 million in dues


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — A labor dispute settlement wing at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Riyadh managed to handle more than 3,000 cases over the past two months and was instrumental in recovering unpaid wages and dues amounting to more than SR5 million.

The ministry branch said in a statement that virtual reconciliation sessions were held via Webex and in the presence of the parties involved in the dispute.

This was held as part of the ministry’s efforts to accelerate the digital transformation and maintain the safety of employers and workers on the one hand and preventing overcrowding within the labor department offices on the other. It said the system allows workers to file their lawsuit and subsequently the defendant or the employer will be notified electronically via the “Wudiy” system, which will fix the labor case sessions automatically without any human intervention.

It is worthy to note that the amicable settlement service is considered as the first phase of settling labor disputes between workers and employers during which an attempt will be made to bring together the viewpoints of both sides and conduct a mediation process to settle the dispute and reach an amicable solution that satisfies both parties. If this process ends in failure, then the case will be referred to the labor court.