Travel in the time of coronavirus!

July 02, 2020
Khalid Al-Sulaiman

I DO not think that anyone is planning to travel abroad for tourism purposes over the next two months. Those who need to travel are the ones who are forced to do so due to compulsory business or personal matters.

On such occasions, it is wise to comply with social distancing measures and stay away from public places and not go out except to do the job or fulfill essential needs.

Then, what about going out on foreign tourism trips! Those who opt to travel abroad after international flights resume must bear personal responsibility for facing the consequences and liabilities of their decisions.

This is especially relevant if there is a relapse of the coronavirus pandemic, and some governments are forced to suspend some activities of life and close their borders, God forbid.

At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, our government lent a helping hand to citizens who were stranded abroad and ensured their safe return home at the state’s expense. However, now the government is taking austerity measures and may not necessarily bear the cost of any bill caused by any irresponsible decision taken by a citizen to travel abroad without a necessity!

From what I see on Snapchat and some other social media accounts of some celebrities, some of the domestic tourism images do not appear encouraging with regard to adhering to coronavirus precautions and preventive protocols, including instructions for social distance, and not intermingling, and then what would be the case in foreign tourism?

Unfortunately, some people still lack awareness, even if they are educated, and social media gave them fame and opportunities to set an example for others! It is important to remember that the general advice is not to go out except for the necessity of doing work or fulfilling essential needs. Here the basic thing is maintaining social distancing and taking preventive protocols.

Certainly, it is ideal not to travel during the next two months either on domestic or foreign trips until the summer dust of coronavirus settles!

July 02, 2020
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