The Golden Mirage


One day, in my dream ..

I saw her ..

with golden hair ..

I do not remember where ..

Her face illuminated by golden frame ..

I have never seen anything like her wear.. !

While the clouds above her ...

She whispered to me ..

Please embrace me ..

I asked her , May I know ?

Who are you , now ?

I want lucidly answer like snow ..

She cried when I saw her eyes..

She sang : Why do you forget me prince of guys ?

When you wake up go to the golden mirage prince of my eyes

Then , just shout when you arrive there ..

I said : I promise you I will go to everywhere ..

I hope see you there..

Like golden stars and rays ..

When I walked to the mirage , my mind has remembered huge civilization..

I smiled "jasmine" roses , green heavens and great population..

My environment which surrounded me has changed to brilliant activation..

When I arrived to the golden mirage , I read a few words ..

Then , I shout to pay attention all the worlds ..

My dream girl was "Ana Narya"

She is from an area

Which was called "Andalusia"

All what I wrote

Like the golden mirage ..

And a black pain note !

The author can be reached at: Twitter: @Hmd1_0