E-litigation in Saudi courts gets unprecedented boost


Saudi Gazette report

The courts in Saudi Arabia conducted over 4,000 hearing sessions in one single day, according to latest indicator issued by the Saudi ministry of justice.

E-litigation service was one among many digital services planned and launched by the ministry to ensure business continuity during the over three months of government closure due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The service is introducing new standards to the judiciary practice indeed, with litigants being able to log online using the Najiz.sa portal, file a case, present their documents, complete the pleading electronically, reply to questions asked by the judicial panel and have the time to review and present their cases in the best possible manner.

The hearing sessions get conducted online with all litigants linked together through a live circuit, including lawyers and translators. All sessions get recorded and documented electronically in order to provide safeguards to all the litigants.

“E-litigation provides case parties with clear and secure process that helps minimize the time and effort being spent on logistics.” said the ministry of justice. “Clients can log in to Najiz.sa, explore the list of services under e-litigation, and perform the types of services they are looking for.”

According to the ministry, e-litigation on Najiz portal is on high demand from day one. With over 7,000 hearing sessions being conducted remotely on the first day of the launch, to an average of around 2,000-3,000 daily hearing sessions being held.

“It is not just the unprecedented times the world is going through to stop the spread of coronavirus; this service is here to stay and evolve, it is a stepping stone in the history of judiciary where physical location is no longer relevant to attending a trial session and delivering justice,” concluded the ministry.