32 firms shut for protocol violations


Saudi Gazette report

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs announced on Wednesday that 32 firms have been shut down for violations of the coronavirus precautionary measures and preventive protocols.

The field inspection teams discovered the violations by the field inspection teams during their three-day raid from Sunday to Tuesday all over the Kingdom. Punitive measures will be taken against the violators, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The ministry sources said that the field monitoring teams have detected as many as 2256 violations during their raid on food outlets and markets during the current second phase of the curfew relaxation period.

They found out 434 violations related to coronavirus health measures; 121 violations pertaining to overcrowding in markets and commercial centers, 83 violations of overcrowding in workers’ accommodation as well as 606 violations related to working without a permit, and 1,012 violations in terms of practicing an activity after the lapse of the working hours specified in the permit.

The ministry indicated that the inspection teams work around the clock to verify the establishments’ compliance with the instructions issued by the competent authorities, including adherence to the specified times, regulating the entry and exit of customers, avoiding crowding of shoppers, and the continued closure of shops that are not covered under the decision to allow their activities to be carried out.

The ministry stressed that its top priority is the safety of the members of the community, and that it will not hesitate to take the decision to shut down the firms that do not follow the instructions. It urged all the commercial establishments to take all the precautionary measures to protect the health of all.