Emir of Riyadh reviews corona preventive steps with officials


Saudi Gazette report

The Emir of Riyadh Region Prince Faisal Bin Bandar on Monday met with top officials and reviewed with them measures to check the spread of coronavirus, continuation of the education process, reopening of mosques and repair and maintenance of roads.

The officials included Hamad Bin Nasser Al-Wuhaibi, director general of education in the region; Sheikh Sami Bin Sulaiman Al-Mushaiqah, director general of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance branch in the region, and Salman Bin Muhsin Al-Dhal’aan, director of the Ministry of Transport in Riyadh Region, a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report said.

Al-Wuhaibi briefed the emir on the education issues in the region, the latest measures taken to continue the education process and the future plans of the Ministry of Education in dealing with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Al-Wuhaibi said that carrying out the education process by distance learning and the students’ good interaction with the process encourages developing the experience and enhancing the concept.

Meanwhile, Prince Faisal Bin Bandar emphasized the prudent leadership’s keen interest in education, and thed need to continue the process whatever the circumstances, and harness all potentials to support the education system and its lofty goals.

Sheikh Al-Mushaiqah reviewed the procedures being followed for the return of worshipers to mosques and the plans and precautionary measures taken to ensure the safety of the worshipers.

Al-Mushaiqah briefed the emir on the preparations of the ministry’s branch in dealing with the current situation, the existence of understanding and assistance from the citizens and residents, and intensifying awareness campaigns for the public.

The Ministry of Transport official mentioned that the ministry’s branch is benefiting from the curfew periods in carrying out the periodic road and street maintenance works and coordinating with the competent authorities to provide the necessary support and unify efforts.