New book offers valuable insights into Vision2030

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JEDDAH — The massive transformation the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing as it embarks on its ambitious Vision2030 has become the focus of a new book that has hit the stands recently.

The book titled Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia: Vision 2030 written by Muhammad Khurram Khan and Muhammad Babar Khan and published book by Routledge UK, offers deep insights into an economic blueprint that aims to change the face of the country.

Seeking a path away from a heavy dependence on hydrocarbon, the new economic model lays emphasis on research, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to secure the long-term knowledge-based resources.

The book also highlights the Kingdom’s huge investment in human capital, entrepreneurship education, schools, colleges, universities, women’s education and empowerment, infrastructure, tourism, renewable energy, enabling the R&D workforce, health services and recreation etc.

This book consisting of seven chapters gives in-depth analyses of all kinds of components which are part of a comprehensive plan. It also offers a comparative study of the changing economic models employed in other Gulf Cooperation countries.

The book concludes that the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, hand in hand, are helping the Kingdom to bring about a revolution and transform itself from an oil-based to a knowledge-based economy by huge investments in research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through these all transformative steps of determined leadership, it is pertinent that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will become a hub of modern and scientific education and will be one of the leading countries in research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The book is a useful reference for students, researchers, policy and decision-makers in understanding the Saudi innovation and the economic ecosystem.