5 healthcare workers among 48 new corona cases in Saudi Arabia

March 21, 2020
Dr. Mohamed Al-Abdel Aali, spokesman of the Ministry of Health.
Dr. Mohamed Al-Abdel Aali, spokesman of the Ministry of Health.

Saudi Gazette report

Five healthcare workers in the Saudi capital are down with new coronavirus, a Health Ministry spokesman said here on Saturday.

The five cases are among the 48 new cases acros the country, bringing the total to 392. Most of the cases announced Saturday were infected when they were in close contact with other infected cases, the spokesman added. Out of all confirmed cases, 16 have fully recovered as of Saturday.

The remaining patients are still receiving medical care while in quarantine, but most are in stable conditions. Only two are in critical condition, the spokesman said. Two-thirds of those infected are Saudi nationals.

The spokesman also emphasized the significance of self-isolation and a 14-day quarantines. But what is most important, he said, is having people stay at home and away from gatherings to prevent the further spread of the virus. “Gatherings at home are dangerous as well,” the spokesman warned. Even small gatherings of 5 to 20 people are discouraged.

“Don’t think not shaking hands or washing your hands will protect you,” he said. “It’s a prevention step but isn’t everything.” The spokesman added that young men and women considering themselves immune to the virus is “unacceptable.”

He reiterated the World Health Organization’s warning about not thinking being young will prevent a person from being hospitalized due to an infection from the new coronavirus.

The spokesman wrapped up the press conference by emphasizing once more the need to stay home and to self-isolate. “Not as an official health ministry spokesman...but as a doctor, as a friend, as a brother...stay at home as much as possible and stay away from the dangers of gatherings," the spokesman said.

March 21, 2020
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