Doukkali, Samaha delight at Winter at Tantora Festival


Saudi Gazette report

ALULA — Moroccan musician, Abdelwahab Doukkali, and singer, Carole Samaha, both performed this weekend during the second season of the Winter at Tantora Festival. The festival is organized by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), in a city that is characterized by its unique location and its great historical and cultural significance.

Doukkali sang several songs that have lingered on in the history of Arabic music and enriched the classical music library while introducing the world to his authentic Moroccan heritage. His songs are well-known in all Arab countries and have been passed down for generations. Some of these songs include, "Marsoul El Hob", "Moll El Khal", and "Ya EL Ghadi Bel Tomobeel."

When asked about performing at the Maraya Concert Hall, Doukkali said: "I am delighted to perform during the Winter at Tantora Festival which is a valuable addition to the cultural scene of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I see it as being the Kingdom's keenness to promote culture and to play a role in developing its society." He added: "The atmosphere here is fascinating and charming and tells the story of many cultures throughout history, and today (Friday), Moroccan music soared in the air of AlUla."

Lebanese singer and actress Samaha also expressed her delight in performing in the second season of the festival, where she said: "Al-Ula is a truly unique and inspiring place. Its nature has astonished me and taken me on a journey through time going back thousands of years. In this city, talent can truly shine and your spirit is lifted to a great extent. I thank the Royal Commission of AlUla from the bottom of my heart for organizing this unique festival at an extraordinary place.”

In the arms of the picturesque nature of AlUla, the oriental concert tookplace at Maraya Concert Hall, the largest theater constructed with mirrors in the world. it represents a modern architectural masterpiece and can accommodate about five-hundred guests and provides a high-quality sound system. The festival also houses many other diverse activities including the local markets, winter garden, farms, and the old town.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the festival will present a slew of activities that merge Eastern and Western culture embodying AlUla's heritage as a meeting point for difference civilizations from around the world throughout history.

Winter at Tantora Festival offers a wide range of diverse experiences that cater to all tastes from all walks of life. The festival will take place every weekend starting Dec.19, and running until March 7, 2020. Guests this year will also have the unique opportunity to visit the historical heritage sites before they close to the public until October 2020. They will also be able to attend musical and artistic performances by some of the most respected artists in the Arab, and international, world.