Saudi working women not keen on saving money for marriage: Survey

Saudi female driving trainees gather at the entrance of the Saudi Driving School (SDS) in Riyadh on Jun.24, 2019.  – (AFP)
Saudi female driving trainees gather at the entrance of the Saudi Driving School (SDS) in Riyadh on Jun.24, 2019. – (AFP)

By Anas Alyusuf

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH – Saudi working women are mostly apathetic to save money for their marriage purposes, according to an official survey, carried out by the General Authority for Statistics. It was revealed in the survey that 99.6 percent of the employed women are not interested in the idea of saving money for the purpose of marriage. Only 0.4 percent of the working women are eager to save some money for their marriage. At the same time, 34.82 percent of the male employees are saving money to meet their marriage expenses. The overall percentage of Saudi men and women employees, who save money for this purpose, did not exceed 28.38.

According to the Saudi Youth Development Survey of 2019, the largest number of working Saudi men and women, with 39.69 percent, see meeting emergency needs is the main reason for their saving. More than half of women employees (58.80 percent) give first priority to this while 35.28 percent of men employees consider this as their first priority.

In the survey, women employees also excelled in their choice to save for “other reasons” by 33.53 percent while their male counterparts stood at 10.51 percent, with an overall percentage of 14.82 percent.

However, males excelled in their reason for saving for the purpose of housing by 19.38 percent, while women’s percentage in this respect stood at 7.27 percent, and the overall rate for both sexes was at 17.11 percent.

According to the survey, the percentage of young employees, who are fully satisfied with their job, accounts for 23.54 while 54.12 of them did not face any difficulties during their work at present or in the past. The breakup of this among male and female staff accounts for 54.67 percent and 51.47 percent respectively. It also showed that 45.88 percent of young employees reported facing some sort of difficulties during work.

The survey also identified the reasons for the difficulties. The low salary was attributed to as the reason by 19.31 percent of the young staff, with a breakup of 18.86 percent of male and 21.49 percent of female staff. The work pressure and length of working hours were attributed to as the reason by 10.04 percent and their percentage by sex reached 8.94 percent of male and 15.34 percent of female. Around 5.25 percent of the staff saw working in a distant city as the third reason and their percentage by sex is 5.86 percent of male and 2.29 percent of female staff.

The length of time taking to reach workplace due to traffic congestion or the distance is the reason for difficulties for another 3.9 percent of staff, with a breakup 4.25 percent of male and 2.25 percent of female. The difficulty in obtaining leave was found as the reason by 2.93 percent of staff and these include 3.09 percent of male and 2.16 percent of female staff while another 2.52 percent, including 2.26 percent of male and 3.78 percent of female, found inappropriate treatment of superiors as the reason.

The survey, which was conducted during the second quarter of 2019, aims to provide many important indicators about the real situation of youth in the social, demographic and economic aspects, highlighting issues and challenges facing young people, providing an opportunity to get acquainted with their needs, and extracting many indicators and measures.

In the survey, all young employed people endorsed to the existence of all kinds of values in society. However, percentage of their voting varied from one to another in certain degrees. A total of 98.55 percent of the youth voted for the value of a “person’s sense of responsibility” while hard work received 98.12 percent of vote; tolerance 98.26 percent; perfection 97.46 percent; prudent spending 89.22 percent; compliance with regulations 94.64 percent; justice 97.95 percent; moderation 97.42 percent; determination and perseverance 98.41 percent while 92.64 percent of the young staff voted for transparency.

It was also revealed in the survey that the Saudi population in the age group of 15-34 years makes up 36.70 percent, of which men constitute 51.03 percent while women represent 48.97 percent.