Saudi Arabia opens doors to ‘naturalize’ outstanding talents


Saudi Gazette report

In a step aimed at attracting creative people from all over the world to live in Saudi Arabia, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has ordered the facilitation of process for the naturalization of outstanding talented people, Sabq daily has reported.

The King’s order includes giving Saudi citizenship for talented people who excel in Shariah, medical, scientific, cultural, sports, technical and technological fields such that they will be productive and contributing citizen.

They will also be instrumental in pushing forward the wheel of development and benefit the nation in different fields.

King Salman's order included referring all the names of persons, nominated to be granted the citizenship from all over the world, including distinguished and creative people from the displaced tribes in Saudi Arabia, the children of Saudi women, people born in Saudi Arabia who meet the conditions mentioned.

This step comes in line with the royal order issued nearly two months ago, due to the public interest that requires attracting distinguished scholars, intellectuals, creative persons and specialists.

Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to create an attractive environment where the Kingdom can make the best use of human talents and capabilities and attract distinguished and creative people from around the world to live in the territories of Saudi Arabia, is geared for this eventuality.

The royal order stipulates naturalizing outstanding, distinguished and creative people in various fields, including forensic science, medical science, pharmacology, mathematics, computers, technology, agriculture, nuclear and renewable energy, industry, oil and gas, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, applications, big data, software engineering, robotics, high performance computers, nanotechnology, environment, geology, aerospace and aviation.

The royal order also mentioned talented and creative people in culture, sports, arts, and other fields that contribute to supporting and enhancing Saudi capabilities, transferring knowledge, as well as in areas that Saudi Arabia needs due to its geographical nature.

Distinguished scientists in water desalination technology, geology and intrinsic mining activities are to be identified, such that they achieve the goals and aspirations to accelerate the development process so as to benefit the nation and citizens.