Student stabbed to death in Sharourah

Khaled Bin Hamad Al-Nahdi

Saudi Gazette report

Khaled Bin Hamad Al-Nahdi, a 15-year-old student at Abu Hurairah Intermediate School in Sharourah, was stabbed to death on Sunday by a classmate during a fight inside the school, local press reports said on Monday.

Salim Ali Al-Sayari, spokesman of the department of education, said the fight took place during the school break and added that the victim died on arrival at Sharourah General Hospital.

He said a special committee has started investigating the case to determine the cause of death and recommend measures to prevent a repeat of such incidents.

The victim's father, Hamad Al-Nahdi, said school leader Hashim Hamdhi called him at about 10 a.m. and informed him that his son was taken to the hospital following a fight with two of his colleagues inside the school.

The father said on arrival at the hospital he found out that his son had died of a knife stab above the heart.

Eyewitnesses said the fight between the two students started outside the school and continued inside it.

They said the victim intervened to support one of his friends and neighbors who was badly beaten by two students.

They said the assailants turned against Khaled stabbing him several times.