Death for Daesh terrorist for killing security official


RIYADH — The Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced to death a Daesh (so called IS) terrorist, who was convicted of committing several crimes, including killing of a security official. The Saudi convict can appeal the preliminary verdict issued by the court.

The court convicted the defendant of several crimes, including fighting God and His Messenger, seeking strife on earth, and slaughtering a security official.

The court found the defendant guilty of monitoring a security man while on duty and inflicted him with three stabs to his face and left shoulder, which led to his death.

The charges against him also included storming into a military compound by jumping its outer fence, confronting security men and threatening them with death by firing guns, and shooting at a security man before being arrested.

The court said in its verdict that the convict was found supporting the Daesh terrorist organization and adopted its deviant takfiri ideology, and his act of killing the security official was in support of Daesh.