New projects and partnerships expected after Dubai airshow: Al-Oraifi

Alsalam Aerospace industries hopes to be out to the front of aviation technologies


RIYADH — With Alsalam’s participation once again in Dubai Airshow 2019 on Nov. 17-21, Alsalam Aerospace Industries Vice President Abdulaziz Al-Oraifi is positive that the company will get new projects and partnerships after the airshow. Based on the interview with him, he expects that 2020 will be a positive year for the company in the aviation industry.

Q. What are the objectives of your company’s participation in Dubai Airshow 2019?

A. The Importance of enabling business through participation at the Dubai Airshow for not only Alsalam Aerospace Industries, but for the aviation Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world cannot be understated.

Our objectives for this year is two-fold, first we wish to show the world that Alsalam Aerospace industries has become a recognized world leader in the aviation sector and that we are looking to progress into the future as a leader within that sector.

Secondly, we realize the need for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the leading aviation companies, in order for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world to reach its full potential, therefore we are opening our arms to the industry in order to make that future happen and our hope is that the discussions made at this year’s show will lead to that growth.

Q. What results you would like to achieve in your company’s participation in Dubai Airshow 2019?

A. Alsalam Aerospace Industries is looking to achieve maximum exposure and communication with the leaders in the Aviation and defense industry, and through that exposure gain vital collaborations that will enable the development of capabilities that will push our great company to the front of aviation technologies

Q. Are there any future plans of participating in any aviation exhibitions or events in the future?

A. Alsalam has a long history of participating at the prestigious Dubai Air show, our first experience was when we had a smaller presence, 2019 shows the growth in confidence in our capabilities and the Airshow, we are hopeful of a long partnership into the future.

The first Saudi Arabian Airshow was an amazing success and this alongside the Armed Forces Exhibition for Diversity of Requirements and Capabilities exhibition have generated an increased awareness and growth in the Saudi market. We will be supporting and participating in both of these events, together we see DAS and the Saudi Airshow providing a platform for Saudi and GCC companies to show case their capability and as the leading airshows in the world will create a showcase for the region’s growth within the Aviation market.

In the future we will be looking to play a greater role in more international shows and exhibitions, and as those plans mature we will make the appropriate announcements.

Q. What are your company’s business development plans and actions in line with Saudi Vision 2030?

A. These are exciting times to be a part of the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030, it is our privilege as company of Saudi Arabia to be playing our part in its development and a leading light in its success. Our great King has created an environment that has enabled our country to become a leader in both current and future aviation technology and sectors.

Alsalam has a plan to expand not only our capabilities, but our areas of knowledge within the Aviation sector, to develop technologies and a homogenous aviation capability, which will bring job creation, increased knowledge, sustainability and wealth to our company and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Q. Do you have any partnerships with aviation companies during Dubai Airshow 2019?

A. In previous years we have signed partnerships and collaborative agreements, which have developed our great company to its current position as the leading aviation company in Saudi Arabia and a major force in both the region and world sectors. This Year we are looking to start a new journey, with discussions and understandings between our current and potentially future partners, with a view to future technologies and a sustainable aviation sector within Saudi Arabia and the GCC region. — SG