‘The shameful collapse of Indian judiciary’

‘The shameful collapse of Indian judiciary’

Nothing coming out of India seems to surprise me lately. After the reported arbitrary arrests of Muslims in some states tending to their cattle business, to the mob lynchings that followed that did not appear to have been publicly censured by the ruling government, anything today seems possible. Add to this morass of bad tidings the Indian government’s intention of taking away the citizenship of over two million, mostly Muslims, in Assam and the unilateral abrogation of a decades-long treaty which allowed Kashmiris autonomy and you get the picture.

On 6 December 1992, a violent crowd consisting of Hindu fanatics fueled by BJP/RSS mobsters demolished the Babri mosque, resulting in communal riots leading to over 2,000 deaths, most of them Muslims. The mosque was built in 1528–29 on orders of the Mughal emperor Babur. Hindus claimed on assumptions and suppositions that the mosque was built on a site once held by Hindus. While most Hindus gleefully claimed victory at the recent Supreme Court verdict giving the site to Hindus, some including Muslims have spoken out against this atrocious claim of justice.

Dr. Ahmed. A, a renowned cardiologist said: “It was a total fraudulent judiciary system which was paid by ultra-manipulative Modi to get this verdict passed. If Babri Masjid had never been demolished by Hindu hardliners incited by Modi Advani Combine Inc., would the judgment be the same? This man Modi is a manipulator with his false charm with utter hatred inside. The integrity of this hypocrite Modi should be analyzed before doing business either by the GCC or the USA because he is a failure with no development in India with an increase in unemployment and drop in GDP. He is ready to pickpocket money. On the economic front, beware of a hypocrite who deals in deception.”

Bino Matthews stated: “Someone demolished my house. I went to court to get justice. The court ordered that the demolisher build a house in the place where my house stood. As a consolation, I’ve been allotted some land. Is this justice?

“The Indian Supreme Court has ensured that India will go down the path of the Middle East, where conflicts over mythology and different versions of history have raged for centuries and are alive even today. The future does not look very bright for this nation and its long-term survival.

“The comparison of right-wing Hindutva forces and the racist Zionists in Israel is apt. In fact, they are best friends when it comes to dealing with Muslims. The Supreme Court verdict is not the end of the controversial Ayodhya dispute... will there be harmony when one’s house is occupied by another?”

CPI Mohammad Rafi said in a Facebook post: “The Ayodhya judgment basically says any large mob willing to be wantonly violent will always be proved right in the end.”

Ravi S., an Indian accountant with a global firm, added that the Indian Supreme Court had failed secular India: “All they did was follow the script by the notorious RSS who dictated every term of the court’s final resolution. This is beginning to spell the end of a secular India in my humble opinion.”

Jose T., a Christian Indian, was very pensive about the court ruling. “We have come to witness an increase of rulings that go against Indian minorities, be they Muslim or Christian, ever since Modi came to power. The burning of churches, the lynching of Muslims and the mass imprisonment of over eight million Kashmiris do not give me confidence in this government. India’s face is changing rapidly and the RSS dacoits are taking over. Their purpose is to drive all non-Hindu Indians out of their own country. Mark my words, if the people do not stand up and fight back, this is what will surely happen.”

Latheef Farook, a noted Sri Lankan author, wrote that “Indian judiciary has collapsed under the weight of Hindutva fascism. In the most disgusting and shameful collapse of the Indian judiciary, the Supreme Court has given on Saturday 9 November 2019 the Ayodhya mosque and its land to Hindus with a trust to be formed by the Center within three months to monitor the construction of a Ram Temple. It appears the verdict was written by RSS and given to the judges to read out. The verdict rewards crime and hooliganism by Hindutva thugs with government connivance. Otherwise how on earth could a five-century old mosque be handed to Hindus to build a temple?”

Yes, how indeed I wonder?

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