132 Saudis evacuated from Beirut on Sunday

The Saudi Ambassador meeting some of the Saudi passengers at the airport. (Video screenshot)

BEIRUT – Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to Lebanon Waleed Bukhari stated on Sunday that 132 citizens have been evacuated from Beirut, in addition to the 260 Saudi nationals evacuated in the first phase of the Crisis and Emergency Management Plan, following four days of intense protest in Lebanon.

Bukhari also chaired, at the embassy headquarters here, a meeting for the Emergency and Crises Committee to discuss the second stage of the plan to secure the safety of male and female Saudis in Lebanon, in addition to the mechanisms and means for evacuating them, in case the developments in Lebanon necessitate that.

Bukhari expressed thanks to the directors of offices and attachés and embassy staff for their good efforts and cooperation in making the first stage of the emergency plan a success.

He urged them to exert more efforts and exercise more patience till this period passes without the Lebanese people incurring any harm.

He also thanked the concerned Lebanese authorities, especially the security forces that have helped make the first stage a success. He wished Lebanon everlasting security and stability.

Bukhari had also stressed on Saturday that there were no cases of injuries or any Saudi participation in the demonstrations have been registered. He said that this indicates the awareness the Saudi citizen enjoys their respect for the laws of countries.

Bukhari said that accommodation, transport and security escort, in cooperation with the Lebanese Army Command and Internal Security Forces, have been secured to ensure the safe arrival of evacuees to the Kingdom. — SPA